The Grahams & The Donalds (SMC)

edited by Rab Anderson & Tom Prentice


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Following on from the Scottish Mountaineering Club’s best-sellers, The Munros and The Corbetts, this revised and expanded guidebook recommends the best journeys on the next principal listings of Scottish hills.

Written and compiled by some of the foremost authorities on the Scottish mountains and brought to life with maps and vivid colour photographs, this richly illustrated guide details more than 250 routes, including, where appropriate, logical combinations with neighbouring hills.

Ranging between 600m and 762m, there are 231 Grahams, while the Donalds comprise the 141 summits and Tops above 2000ft (610m) in the Scottish Lowlands. At such an accessible height range, these hills are increasingly popular and offer challenges across the country for both the occasional and dedicated walker.

The lower height limit for a Graham was changed from 2000ft (610m) to 600m by Alan Dawson, the keeper of the list, after the book was sent to print. Consequently 3 hills removed from the list in 2014 once more qualify as Grahams along with 9 new summits, taking the total from 219 to 231. So that users of this book have route information for all of the hills on the official list, we have prepared an addendum containing updated information to Grahams already in the book, together with route descriptions and maps for the newly added and reinstated hills in the list below. This is available as a free download.

Whether you’re looking to climb all the summits on Scotland’s principal lists or just want some great days off the beaten tracks, The Grahams & The Donalds is a book no hillwalker should be without.


372 pages
Size: 180 x 245 mm
ISBN: 978-1-907233-45-6
Published: 2022

Printed on FSC paper

About the editors

Rab Anderson co-authored the previous SMC guidebook to The Munros, as well as editing The Corbetts. He has written or contributed to various guidebooks for the SMC, most recently the Climbers’ Guide to the Outer Hebrides (co-author) and the acclaimed Hillwalkers’ Guide to The Grahams & The Donalds (co-author and co-editor). Rab lives in Edinburgh.

Tom Prentice co-authored the SMC Hillwalkers’ Guide to The Munros. From his home in Glasgow he has made a career out of photographing and writing about Scotland’s mountains, contributing to magazines, newspapers, radio and television, as well as authoring and publishing numerous books.