Southern Highlands PDF Supplement (SMC)

Compiled by Roger Everett


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The most recent SMC Comprehensive Climbers’ guidebook to Arrochar and the Southern Highlands was published in 1997. Since then, a very large number of new routes have been established and published in successive editions of the SMC Journal. The Arran section of that guidebook was updated in the Inner Hebrides guidebook of 2017, and all other areas in the current series of SMC Climbers’ guidebooks have also been updated from the previous series which included Arran, Arrochar and the Southern Highlands. The aim of this supplement is to bring together all the new routes in the Southern Highlands and Arrochar regions that have been published in SMCJ over the intervening years. This is a downloadable PDF supplement, designed to be used with the most recent guidebook to the area (Arran and Arrochar, SMC 1997)

This is an SMC climbers’ guidebook, published by the Scottish Mountaineering Press.