Scottish Hill Names

written by Peter Drummond


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This fascinating book explains the origin and the meaning of the names of Scotland’s hills, as well as how to pronounce them. It also brings together many of the legends and stories behind particular hill names.

Written by Peter Drummond, it is a thoroughly researched, completely revised and expanded second edition which builds on the success of its predecessor. Many new names are detailed, including a significant increase in the coverage of Borders hill names and old forms of many hill names from 17th and 18th century maps brought to bear in explanations.

The hills of Scotland are a significant part of the landscape and the names of these hills reflect the rich social and cultural history of Scotland over the past 500 years and all who have been there. These names are a legacy of the past and this book opens the door to this fascinating world.

Hard backed, with 240 pages, 38 pen and ink drawings and 8 pages of colour including old maps.


38 illustrations
240 pages
Size: 170 x 240 mm
ISBN: 9780907521952
Published: 2010