High praise for One Man’s Legacy

Mike Dixon’s biography on Tom Patey, One Man’s Legacy, recently received a review from UKClimbing.com. The reviewer, Rob Greenwood, said ‘Patey has such a huge legacy already, through his routes, his reputation, his music and song, his writing. One Man’s Legacy doesn’t just summarise this rich history, it builds on it. This is a book – much like his own One Man’s Mountains – that I can see myself coming back to time and again … the book itself is a thing of beauty. Scottish Mountaineering Press set a high standard with The Fox of Glencoe and One Man’s Legacy raises the bar even higher. It exudes quality, from the quality of the paper and binding, to the fonts and the layout itself, which is simply stunning. It is set to a standard that I don’t think anyone else is operating at in climbing and mountaineering literature.’

Read the full review on UKClimbing.com: https://www.ukclimbing.com/gear/publications/other_publications/one_mans_legacy_by_mike_dixon-15329