An update on Creatives

In the nine months since its launch, Creatives has broadened the range of voices that the Press publishes through 18 pieces of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and artwork. While we’re off to a good start, there is more to do, so we’ve revisited our purpose and clarified what we want to achieve, who we are looking to reach and the experience that contributors can expect when working with the team.

Creatives is a digital publication of writing and visual art that exists to showcase the breadth of experiences and perspectives inspired by Scotland’s landscapes. It is a celebration of the country’s natural beauty, its stories and myths, people and communities—but more than anything, Creatives is a conduit between artists and the public. Our aim is to collaborate with anyone who has found meaning in the outdoors and to help them realise their artistic vision. We welcome great ideas— your work need not be in a publishable state before submission, but should be produced to the best of your ability. Writers can expect rigorous line, structural and copy edits to realise the full potential of their work, but our publication process is a two-way partnership that encourages artistic longevity, provides the writer with sustainable tools for craft development and, being a digital platform, exposes their best work to a wide audience. Visual artists can benefit from having their work showcased on an established platform and support with accompanying narratives. Find out more about our story here.

Lead image Coast by Clare Yarrington

Author biography

After spending the first third of his working life in the telecoms industry Rob became a freelance publisher in 2018. Having climbed in a variety of places, he now has a young family and—aside from the occasional Scottish adventure—can usually be found beneath Northumbrian sandstone outcrops trying to spot handholds, or riding his mountain bike.