Something Quite Other III

The visual art winner of the 2023 Creatives Flash Nonfiction Contest, kindly supported by Fort William Mountain Festival and the Highland Bookshop.


Something Quite Other III is a reflection of time spent in Glen Nevis in autumn, watching the sunrise leak over the horizon. The image was originally shot on a vintage SX-70 Polaroid camera, scanned and converted into a digital negative, which is then enlarged and printed out onto acetate. This is then contact printed using a light-sensitive cyanotype emulsion, washed, dried and leafed with 24ct gold. 

Taking a Polaroid is a collaboration between the photographer, the camera and film, and the external environment. No two results will ever be the same. Cyanotypes are an alternative process which blurs the boundaries between painting, photography and printmaking. Combining the two practices results in an image that examines the margins between what it shows, what was seen and what remains unseen.


Dimensions: 29cm x 29cm

Creator’s biography

Claire MacLeod is a visual communicator, maker and textile artist with a particular interest in place, people and the connection they have with their landscapes. Her work comments on notions of identity with careful attention to detail and a sensitive use of material and colour. 

The physicality of working with archive material, alternative processes, cloth and threads is an essential component in helping her to form her ideas, bridging between the person and the environment that they connect with. 

Claire studied photography at Edinburgh College of Art and has won various awards for her work, including a BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award for her first film, Echo Wall, about climbing on Ben Nevis.

Instagram: @clairemacleodartist