Heart Lines

Prose winner of the 2023 Creatives Flash Nonfiction Contest, kindly supported by Fort William Mountain Festival and the Highland Bookshop.


I could have travelled West. Followed the Aspen groves until they blended into the crimson desert skyline of ancient rippling rock and sagebrush, emerging from the adobes of Western Colorado, but I went East. Followed the universal tug on the bottom of my skirt, billowing along the hem like a private balloon ride. Across the plains, over the Appalachian, beyond skyscraper cities, until I was carried to the Atlantic.

‘Keep going,’ I heard within. Something was waiting just beyond the sunrise. I had no idea I was intuitively following the limit lines of your body.

Your fingertips, like Fingal’s Cave, guided me. Brown curls, reminiscent of the rippling waves of Pentland Hills, were consuming. Tattooed constellations, Glencoe’s equal. The dimples on your back, the deepness of your soul, no contest to Loch Morar.

And before I knew it, I fell in love with Scotland, then fell in love with you.


Lead image by Martin Bennie via Unsplash

Creator’s biography

For the last decade, Felicia’s been publishing her humorous, personal, and thought-provoking essays with national/international publications, such as Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Women’s Day, Seventeen Magazine, ETC. In 2021, her essay, ‘The Invisible Hierarchy of Grief’, won a Writer’s Digest Award. In 2022, a Finnish magazine published her essay, ‘Table for One’, a reflection on perceived danger and the power of political culture. 

Felicia’s poetry has been published in Ocotillo Review, Fearsome Critters, Allegory Ridge, ETC. Her short play, ‘The Light & Dark of Matter’, opened in Manhattan, NY (USA) in 2018 and her monologue, ‘The Hope Chest’, is featured in the play, Breast Advice: An Uplifting Conversation About Boobs.

Felicia recently completed her Masters’ in Creative Writing from the University of Stirling. 

Apart from writing, she is an American public speaker (TEDx), actress and artist who now resides in Scotland.

Website: FeliciaSabartinelli.com