Jack Spowart

2023 is Jack’s second year as a full-time artist and illustrator. After jumping ship from a career as an art teacher, he has pursued his goal of building a creative business. Adventure, sustainability and happiness lie in the foundations of his business as he attempts to navigate the complexities of the art world.

His current work is detailed and concise. He looks for interesting compositions in the natural world, seeking balance but intrigue. He works from his own photographs of locations, spending time in different places and experiencing their character.

It all starts with a rough pencil sketch; if the composition comes together, he’ll add more details in pencil before reflecting and then getting into the inking. He works logically, sticking to a practised process, building detail with lines and dots to create depth, shadow and atmosphere.

Website: https://www.jackspowart.com/
Etsy Shop: JSpowartIllustration
Instagram: @jack_spowart_illustration