David Deamer

Michael Chesley Johnson

David was born in 1963 at Deepcut in Surrey, and was fortunate to inherit an artistic sense from his family. He has drawn from an early age, and, perhaps as a result of living on the Isle of Skye as a child, he went on to develop a strong fascination with the landscape and atmosphere, and the challenge of capturing the fleeting light. 

Much of David’s early work was completed in pencil with a photographic-attention to detail; however, he has shifted his efforts in the latter years to portray light effects that most would not notice. As a result, virtually all of David’s current work is produced from life—‘en plein air’—with all the challenges imposed by the changeable conditions of the outdoors.

In 2017, David moved back to the Isle of Skye, a hugely challenging but inspiring environment for an outdoor painter trying to chase the light. The challenge continues. 

More of David’s work can be seen at www.facebook.com/daviddeamerart

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