Alison Roe

Photo by Carol MacRae

Alison Roe is from Edinburgh and now lives in a caravan in the north-west highlands. She’s always been drawn to the sea and the north, is obsessed by light, and is currently writing a book about sailing to Arctic Norway. Until recently, she lived aboard her partner’s sailboat, however, a head injury in late 2020 prompted her to move ashore and she’s now collating her reflections on the time afloat and the strange after-effects of bouncing one’s head off some of the oldest rock in Scotland.

She’s so far had work published in Northwords Now and Stravaig (the journal of the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics). When not writing, she’s usually up a hill, on a beach, playing taiko (Japanese drums) or flitting around in her wee van, a mobile writing studio which doubles up as drum transport. Her musings on all this wash up intermittently at

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