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Testimonials & reviews

‘Despite the existence of prominent publishers out there with a track record of producing some excellent mountaineering books, the Scottish Mountaineering Press was my first choice for several reasons: the personalised approach, the fact that many of the team are climbers and understand Scottish mountaineering, and the positive air of ambition and desire to establish a good reputation.

Editing the book with Deziree was an enjoyable and collaborative process; likewise the picture selection, layout and design work with Gino. A biography often has sensitive material and this one was no exception, but with so many pairs of eyes on the manuscript I was confident that a fair and balanced account of Tom’s life would be presented. The book was published a year after we began editing―an impressive turnaround. I am very proud of it, and initial feedback has been highly favourable. It would not be the book it is without the Press.’

– Mike Dixon, author of One Man’s Legacy: Tom Patey


‘Scottish Mountaineering Press set a high standard with The Fox of Glen Coe, and One Man’s Legacy raises the bar even higher. It exudes quality, from the quality of the paper and binding, to the fonts and the layout itself, which is simply stunning. It is set to a standard that I don’t think anyone else is operating at in climbing and mountaineering literature.’

– Rob Greenwood,